Importance of Companion Care for Home-Bound Seniors

Loneliness is a serious epidemic all over the globe, particularly affecting seniors. In fact, researchers continue to find evidence linking loneliness to physical illness as well as to functional and cognitive decline, according to the NY Times. In this country, half of people older than 85 live alone, with studies revealing that the prevalence of loneliness among people older than 60 has increased to up to 46 percent.

Some older adults just don’t have family or friends left because they have outlived them, while others indeed have family and friends close by they can’t get to them regularly to provide any kind of consistent, reliable care. Whatever the case may be, companion care services can bridge that gap, helping to combat loneliness in seniors who are home bound and can’t leave the house on their own.

This is sad and frustrating for previously-social seniors who used to like getting out to the store, church services, family gatherings and lunches with friends. Whether this means helping seniors get back in touch with family or friends, or whether it just means being there to talk and play a game, it’s critical to seek out some kind of companion care.

Check out these important advantages of companion care for home-bound seniors. Companion care can…

1.     Provide Assistance With Daily Tasks

The senior may still be capable of performing some daily tasks on their own, such as laundry and light cleaning, but it can be helpful to have someone around the house who can tackle the more difficult things, such as taking out the trash, changing a light bulb on the ceiling fan, watering plants indoors and outdoors, washing dishes and fixing lunch.

2.     Give Seniors Someone to Talk To

Many home bound seniors have chronic illnesses or diseases that keep them there, or they could have a mobility issue that means they can no longer climb the stairs or go outside the house. Those conditions can be painful physically, but aside from their disability, seniors also experience the pain of loneliness. Indeed, they often go days without speaking to another human being.

Sure, as a child, sibling or spouse of your home bound loved one, you may make every attempt to visit or call them between your own family commitments, work and errands. Having a senior friendly phone is great. Sometimes it’s just not enough. Seniors need regular personal communication and companionship just like anyone else. Having a companion to talk to, play games with, and even read with can be a lifesaver.

3.     Improve Overall Health

Studies show that having someone around with whom you can talk and share things can affect your mental and physical health, no matter how old or young you are. Loneliness can become a chronic and pervasive condition with serious mental and physical conditions, says Psychology Today, including:

  • Depression
  • Poor sleep
  • Social isolation
  • Substance abuse
  • Poor appetite
  • Impaired immune and cardiovascular function

Having a friend around will improve physical fitness as well, as people simply move more when they are together. They may do some gardening, dance, take walks, or exercise. Having a companion care provider offers all these benefits and more for seniors who have started to slow down. Thus, these seniors can find a new zest for life just by spending time with a friend.

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