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“They played cards, which I think is tremendous. My aunt needs that kind of mental stimulation. Plus, as it turns out, [the caregiver’s] husband was my niece’s powerlifting coach, so my brother knows her well and raves about her!.”

Dana R.

“The caregiver is excellent! She used to live right across the street from me and her brother and sister used to come and play basketball over here. She is a godsend.”

James B.

“They are dependable. If the lady was sick or something happended, they made sure someone came at all times. One time, the boss came in.”

Anne C.

“They are reliable and caring. They do what they say they are going to do.”

Dorothy G.

“I cannot express with words how happy he is. He’s in 7th heaven! A big and hearty thank you again to you and your organization. Such a blessing.”

Anna J.

“Without having Divine, I may have had a heart attack and died. I would suggest anyone to get that service. It will make their life a lot better. It has made mine.”

Mike D.

“When I needed help, it didn’t take them long to find someone to take care of my mom.”

Jackie H.

“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her there for my sister-in-law.”

Linda C.

“My dad gets along with them. If he gets along with them, then it’s all good.”

Lori C.

“They will cook my breakfast and it’s always good. They make it the way I like it. They treat me like family.”

Lonnie R.

“I appreciate how they treat my wife. They give me the opportunity to get away from the house.”

Tom P.

“They go above and beyond to meet our needs”.

Mary O.

“They are there for me when I need them.”

Madie W.

“The caregivers are caring, understanding, and patient of the client’s age.”

Dennis G.

“I like how they are good people and they really help me out.”

David P.

“They make [my mom] get up and walk. She won’t do it for anyone else.”

Diane D.

“It made all the difference in the world.”

Cathleen S.

“They were great.”

Norma F.

“They are down to earth and so am I. They are just nice, in other words.”

Evelyn H.

“Her interaction and engagement with my mother-in-law is exceptional. It has allowed me to maintain a normal lifestyle instead of being tied to my house.”

Dena B.

“They communicate with me and do what my dad asks them to do.”

Herschel S.

“I can’t live without them. They do everything”

William S.

“They have worked with us long enough that they know what deeds they need to perform.”

Jim F.

“They changed my life, it is because of them that I am alive and healthy again.”

Jay C.

“They were an amazing service and had wonderful communication.”

Jeanie B.

“She gets along well with [my wife] and they are able to converse.”

Ronald H.

“Everything she did showed she cared about us. She made sure [my husband] got outside safe if he wanted to sit out under the tree.”

Sue B.

“He was very in-tune to talking to [my husband] and made a connection with him.”

Arthur K.

“They go above and beyond to help mom.”

Dolores M.

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Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation and let one of our experienced healthcare/homecare professionals help you assess your specific needs. The consultation may involve a discussion about your loved one’s physical and mental condition, the safety and comfort of her physical surroundings, family dynamics, special interests, diets, social activities, and other important aspects.

The goal is to determine the type and frequency of care required, the best caregiver profile, and the level of future involvement, if any, of significant others in each particular situation. We are committed to delivering quality care to our clients in a safe and comfortable environment in coordination and constant communication with their family per regulatory guidelines of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission including strict compliance with HIPPA rules on confidentiality. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Please include a general description of the anticipated need for care along with the best way/time to contact you. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your message.
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