At Divine Home Care Services we are fully cognizant of the shared responsibility that our caregivers have in the well-being of our clients, some of whom are among the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

As the COVID-19 spreads and gets closer to the communities that we serve, our approach toward preparing for its impact has had the following general characteristics so far:

1. Distribute relevant information

A decision was made to rely only on the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization as the official sources of any information that we would distribute among our employees. Flyers with relevant information on the symptoms and techniques to avoid the spread of the virus were distributed early on. Additionally, an Infection Control training module focused on coronavirus was adopted and made mandatory. The module is valid for Continuing Education credit and complements the ongoing training that our caregivers go through including on infection control and proper hand-washing techniques.

2. Insist on a simple but effective recommendation

Consistent with the guidelines put in place by the government regarding the benefits of social isolation and good hygiene habits at this stage, we are insisting on a very simple but effective recommendation to slow the spread of the virus:


3. Maintain an open line of communication

Understanding that the situation is continuously evolving, we are taking measures to maintain an ongoing line of communication with our caregivers and clients. We have designed a rotation among our office staff to follow up with each caregiver and client multiple times over the next couple of weeks. The purpose of this approach is two-fold: to update them on the spread of the virus in our communities and on any corresponding instructions from authorities, and to be able to identify promptly any possible infections within our own network.

The actions and precautions above respond to our need to be proactive toward preventing COVID-19 spread. We are committed to the safety of our employees, our clients, their families, and our communities in general. We are taking this pandemic very seriously and hope that, through the collective efforts of each of us individually, and of our healthcare professionals and first responders, the spread of COVID-19 will soon be contained and controlled until it is no longer a threat.

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Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation and let one of our experienced healthcare/homecare professionals help you assess your specific needs. The consultation may involve a discussion about your loved one’s physical and mental condition, the safety and comfort of her physical surroundings, family dynamics, special interests, diets, social activities, and other important aspects.

The goal is to determine the type and frequency of care required, the best caregiver profile, and the level of future involvement, if any, of significant others in each particular situation. We are committed to delivering quality care to our clients in a safe and comfortable environment in coordination and constant communication with their family per regulatory guidelines of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission including strict compliance with HIPPA rules on confidentiality. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Please include a general description of the anticipated need for care along with the best way/time to contact you. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your message.
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